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  • 产品名称: HF-250 flat gilding press
  • 产品编号: HF-250 flat gilding press
  • 上架时间: 2016-09-26
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Technical parameter:
Manual hot stamping machine
Maximum hot stamping area: 200X250 (mm), Max.stamping, size:200X250 (mm)
Maximum stamping pressure: 1000kgf/ (7bar) Max.stamping pressure:1000kgf/ (7bar)
Fastest stamping speed: 1200 (pcs/hr), Max.stamping, speed:1200 (pcs/hr)
Shape size: 900X550X1700 (mm) Dimensions:900X550X1700 (mm)
Air pressure: 5bar, air, pressure:5bar
Product advantages
1, electrical control, easy to operate;
2. The worktable can be adjusted in several directions;
3 、 pressure, temperature and speed are adjustable;;
4, automatic feeding, paper delivery, and adjustable;
Product description:
The machine can be flat stamping, suitable for paper, plastic, electronic parts, toys, leather, PVC and other flat stamping.
Gilding machine stamping technology is a special printing process without ink. The so-called bronzing machine for stamping, refers to a certain temperature and pressure of anodized aluminum foil to the surface of the substrate process.
In order to increase the added value of printing and Postpress finishing technology, people pay more and more attention. Nowadays, although due to the development of cutting technology, Postpress finishing technology innovation, the emergence of new technology of cold stamping, holographic location used for blocking the variety, but the traditional stamping (or stamping) as an important process in the post finishing, plays a unique decoration of printed matter, and no other packaging has been neglected, instead still attracts people attention and preference.

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地Address: Dali Nanhai District Yanbu Hedong Village of Guangdong Province, Foshan City Liansheng No. 418, No. four C


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