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  • 产品名称: UV universal flatbed printer
  • 产品编号: UV universal flatbed printer
  • 上架时间: 2016-09-26
  • Views : 728

technical parameter
Model: customizable
Print size: can be customized (length X width), can be produced as required
Nozzle configuration: EPSON DX5 x 2 nozzles (optional multiple nozzles)
Print colors: C, M, Y, K+W/CMYK * 2
Print height: customizable
Curing system: cold light source UV LED (water-cooled cycle type)
Printing accuracy: 2Pass, 4Pass, 8Pass, 16Pass, 32Pass
Ink type: flexible / hard UV ink
Printing speed:
2Pass, 16m2/ hours, 2Pass, 32m2/ hours
4Pass, 8m2/ hours, 4Pass, 16m2/ hours
8Pass, 4m2/ hours, 8Pass, 8m2/ hours
16Pass, 2m2/ hours, 16Pass, 4m2/ hours
Power supply requirement: single phase AC220V/2420W; 50HZ/60HZ;
Data interface: high speed USB
Operating platform: Windows 7 (32 bit, 64 bit)
Environmental requirement: the temperature is 20 -28, and the humidity is 40%-60%
Color control: international standard ICC
RIP software: Rui CAI
Equipment weight: undetermined
Equipment size: generation
Application field:
Corrugated board, EVA shoe material, ceiling, aluminum alloy, acrylic, microcrystalline stone
U disk printing processing, playing cards, PVC cards, membership cards, mobile power printing processing, metal craft gift processing, leather garment processing, printing industry, watch glasses industry finishing machining, wood color product finishing, glass deep processing, plastic products factory, toy factory, factory, advertising industry and other enterprises gift packaging, plate making, printing and other personality.

地Address: Dali Nanhai District Yanbu Hedong Village of Guangdong Province, Foshan City Liansheng No. 418, No. four C


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