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  • 产品名称: Flat heat transfer machine
  • 产品编号: HF-180 small rubber
  • 上架时间: 2016-08-12
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HF-180 rubber roller type flat heat transfer machine
technical parameter
Cot size: 100X102 (mm)
Heating power: 600W
Maximum stamping pressure: 250kgf/ (7bar)
Stamping temperature: room temperature to 260 degrees
Maximum hot stamping area: 100X200 (mm)
Fastest stamping speed: 400 (pcs/hr)
Size: 1000X600X1850 (mm)
Air pressure: 5bar
1. roller rotating heat transfer hot stamping, rubber roller in line with the processing surface contact.
2. a high precision tube, the transfer paper (electric eye) with contact tracking control in place. For contactless transfer paper, the method of delivering paper regularly is adopted.
3. worktable adjustable stroke, easy to transfer the workpiece of different length.
4. stamping pressure, temperature and speed can be adjusted.
5. set five bit automatic calculator.
6. hot stamping head position adjustable, to meet the needs of different heights of the workpiece.
7. automatic feeding, paper delivery, and adjustable.
Product features:
The IC electronic integrated control of various procedures, to ensure the machine flat hot, hot press, round face, multi purpose operation.
The pneumatic cylinder around the shuttle structure special design improvement, compressed air consumption, strong and stable pressure.
The stamping pressure, temperature, hot pressing time adjustable.
The table can automatically import table for easy and safe operation.
The table can be around the center of rotation of the workpiece swing rolling without slipping.
Auto feeding, delivery, and adjustable. Adopt imported motor, it can be more accurate for double speed film collecting.
The installation of the photoelectric tube (250 times per second and high precision movement) accurate tracking control of thermal transfer paper with positioning point.
The stamping head height adjustable, 280MM large stamping workpiece. Adopt Japanese SMC electromagnetic valve to control accurately, coil is stable and durable.
The flat push shuttle table using the power conversion device, the working mechanism drives the workpiece smooth rotary hot stamping, hot stamping quality and stability.
We can according to the customer, the horizontal pressure, grinding cross table and double speed requirements of rolling and working table rodless cylinder automatic import, roll to roll printing,
Irregular products, hot stamping, development and so on.
Equipped with emergency stop safety protection device, ensure the safety of the operator.
All the parts components warranty for one year free,
The actual parameters are subject to material, subject to change without notice!

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