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  • 产品名称: High precision screen printing machine
  • 产品编号: Y-600 flat screen printing
  • 上架时间: 2016-08-12
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Introduction of Y-600 flat screen printing machine:
The electric high precision and high efficiency flat screen printing machine adopts frequency conversion motor control. The reaction speed is fast, and the starting stop position is accurate. Squeegee movement
Controlled by the cylinder to make the printing pressure more flexible. The printing balance is stable, the vibration is small, the accuracy is high, and the multi-color overprint is accurate. Printing accuracy: + 0.02MM,
It runs at 1200 times an hour. This machine can be set manually / semi automatic / fully automatic three modes, printing action indirect time can be digitally controlled.
Independent design of printing head lifting device, so that scraping / oil return knife, screen handling and screen cleaning convenience. The whole machine package makes the security more high, free of charge
Maintain。 The utility model has the advantages of safety, beautiful appearance, simple operation and convenient fetching, and greatly improves the production efficiency.
Performance introduction
The microcomputer control with four key compilation action program, durable, easy to maintain.
All kinds of printing printing action design cycle, the user visible printing process of free choice.
The scraper constant pressure device, ensure the stability of the pressure in the printing process.
The scraper / ink reclaiming blade angle adjustable.
The high precision trimming table, with self-locking device, adjustment accuracy can reach 0.01MM.
The net frame position before and after about level adjustment.
The printing head upright lift function, convenient to take and put the screen.
The fine grinding of high-strength hardness worktable, ensure accurate multi-color printing.
The working table is equipped with emergency stop device, prevent hand pinch.
Scope of application
It is suitable for printing PCB plate, silicone, textile, plastic buttons, PET, cardboard, nameplate,
Trademark, IC board, film switch circuit, mobile phone lens, glass, liquid crystal display board and label and other flat material.
Y-600 flat screen printing machine
Plane surfact screen printer
Maximum printing area: 600X400 (mm)
Fastest printing speed: 600 (pcs/hr)
Size: 1000X1000X1950 (mm)
Air pressure: 5bar
The actual parameters are subject to material, subject to change without notice!

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地Address: Dali Nanhai District Yanbu Hedong Village of Guangdong Province, Foshan City Liansheng No. 418, No. four C


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