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  • 产品名称: A-8-8 desktop small tablet machine
  • 产品编号: A-8-8 desktop small tablet machi
  • 上架时间: 2016-08-12
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adjustable operating platform - operating format size A4 maximum value 15CM page - level high - precision 6 color printing, special high strength adhesive coating professional - accurate product positioning - no plate, which is simple and convenient, with different specifications and different materials -- complete printing --- the realization of processing parameter proofing and small batch reference table: size parameters of net weight 20-23 kg gross weight 35 kg (C), cyan ink light cyan (LC), red (M), red light (LM), yellow (Y) (K) black ink ink for special coating pretreatment software Photoshop, CoreIDARW, Word application, Iillustrator operating environment Windows98/2000/XP NT4.0 input (a the maximum thickness of USB, serial port) interface power supply, power 220V, 80W printing precision 2880dpiX1440dpi objects to print The maximum diameter of 110mm circular object 40mm is less than 90mm in diameter equipment dimension length 50cmX width 47cmX high 42cm device package size length 58cmX width 55cmX high 45cm print speed: A4 black text format (MEMO) about 15.8 pages per minute (economic model /180dpi) A4 format color text (MEMO) about 15.3 pages per minute (economic model /180dpi) A4 format graphic mixed about 3 pages per minute (normal mode /360dpi) A4 format full page color pictures about 1 minutes and 48 seconds (fine model) A4 format picture of each picture for about 163 seconds (fine model) 6 inch photo (photo mode): about 57 seconds

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地Address: Dali Nanhai District Yanbu Hedong Village of Guangdong Province, Foshan City Liansheng No. 418, No. four C


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