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Foshan Nanhai Yanbu Yuchen Manufacturer
Address: Dali Nanhai District Yanbu Hedong Village of Guangdong Province, Foshan City Liansheng No. 418, No. fourTel: 075785771744

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YUCHENG printing machinery plant since the plant has been determined to develop printing machinery for more than ten years before , we have successfully launched a variety of high-quality equipment: multifunctional printing machine , hot stamping machine, screen printing machine, heat transfer machine. Go all out for our customers to manufacture precise , fast and durable production tools, is our aim .

Uphold the purpose, we proudly present a smart digital proofer . Design concept stems from three-dimensional true color continuous printing . Be precise positioning , direct printing applications in the plane , cylinder products. Printing platform can adjust height, true color to achieve a variety of special ink gradation between colors and character design, screen clean longer.

       Available in metal, glass, crystal, leather , wood, stone , plastic, porcelain and other print media , widely used in the studio , gifts , industrial products, daily necessities and other major industries , not only can reduce costs, save time , but also small production and proofing.
  Latest new design now successfully developed a high-quality nylon -coated steel flat wire . The project succeeded in breaking the only European countries the pattern of production of such products , to fill the domestic blank.

       For the world to develop and deliver superior quality coated steel wire struggle is our corporate mission. Completion of the sale every time the service is not the end but the beginning of the next service , we will be happy to serve the new and old customers, to build a world -class brand. From product development market began to develop the production process , from the strict factory production control to the final product , every process and procedures are subject to strict quality control , and strive to achieve excellence, first-class quality and creating first-class products.

地Address: Dali Nanhai District Yanbu Hedong Village of Guangdong Province, Foshan City Liansheng No. 418, No. four C


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